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8Welcome to Westland Beauty Academy. Get certified in the field of Cosmetology  & Massage our classes are starting immediately! We offer a unique program that provides you the ability to tailor classes around your busy life. You earn certifications that give you the skills needed to secure employment and thrive in the professional beauty industry. Located in the foothills of Colorado the Westland Beauty Academy provides a small 1 on 1 classroom environment that encourages success through hands on experience.

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 The following curriculum is offered:

 •Esthetician (skin care)


  Throughout the year the faculty at Westland Beauty Academy conducts classes to accommodate individuals and small groups.
We offer you excellent experience in the beauty school world.

Please call if you have additional needs,we are serious about your success.

If you prefer an individually directed class that is possible,in our Beauty School as well as our Massage School.

 Our goal is to give non-traditional students a chance to get certified and start earning $$in this exciting industry. At providing full-time,
part time, & independent studies. Each student work with in his or her
own schedule.

We look forward to working with you!
Contact us at 303-232-2039 or  E-mail  at vstyles@comcast.net .
We Do not offer Financial Aid                  

Monthly Payment Plan with no Interest is Available

Westland Beauty Academy is Approved and Regulated by the
Colorado Department of Higher Education and the
Division Of Private Occupational Schools

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